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Fun? ... Tutoring's an Up!

Multi-sensory instruction is fun! Tutoring done right is something your child won't dread but will actively look forward to.  Some of the things we emphasize contribute to this.



Multi-sensory instruction 

Auditory - reading aloud, computer programs, oral explanations, recordings ...


If I hear it,
I forget.
Visual - drawings, photographs, charts, graphs, text ...


If I hear and see it,
I might remember.
Tactile - sandpaper, gravel table, pudding, clay, blocks ...


If I hear, see, and touch it,
I'll remember.
Kinesthetic - movement, large puzzles, physical construction ...


If I hear, see, touch and do it,
I'll understand!

Varied materials . . .

A wide variety of instructional materials are used not only to maximize instructional impact but to stimulate student interest.  Among these tools and materials are Lindamood-Bell, Orton-Gillingham, Merrill, Project Read, Wilson,  Language Tune-up Kit, Earobics, Visualizing and Verbalizing™, Cloud Nine Math™, course-specific texts, and instructor-created cards, lessons and activities.   


Attitude . . .

We encourage students to ask questions and show them how to deal with their concerns about "feeling stupid".  

We create and maintain a positive learning atmosphere by using the Socratic method of questioning to guide learning.

We show students how to self-correct by training them to compare their responses with the data.

We demonstrate that without errors there is no learning and teach students to look at mistakes with humor.

We operate within an environment of mutual respect, teaching students to treat themselves with dignity.

Sound Control

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