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NJ tutors providing reading, math, general academic support and specializing in multi-sensory instruction for children with learning disabilities. These are our goals

The uniqueness of our tutoring style can be seen in the breadth of our goals. Instead of focusing only on math skills or reading speed and comprehension, we focus on the whole child. Here are the goals we meet through the way we tutor and interact with children:
bulletHelp students realize that there are differences in the way people learn 
bulletHelp students discover their own learning styles
bullet Show students how to utilize their strengths
bullet Provide training to improve specific student deficits
bulletHelp students organize and prioritize
bulletShow students how to make learning fun
bulletHelp students learn to solve both academic and social problems
bulletHelp students acquire life skills that will serve them forever
bulletShow students how to build confidence and improve their self-image


We are one of the premier math tutors and reading tutors in NJ.

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