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Match 10 is a fun math game for kids that teaches basic number concepts, place value, and math operations while teaching money concepts as well.  It has  wide appeal for children from preschool through middle school. It's fast-paced, challenging, and easily adaptable to any child's skill level.   Tutors report that children ask for Match 10 more than any other game as a reward during tutoring sessions.

About Match 10

Match 10 is highly effective because it utilizes multisensory techniques that teach children to use the visual part of the brain to conceptualize numbers visualizing how those numbers can be manipulated and combined.  It teaches how to plan strategy, problem solve, and Match 10 encourages children to be alert and pay attention. The fast paced, multi-faceted nature of the game makes Match 10 ideal for children with ADD/ADHD.

Match 10 allows parents to use multisensory teaching techniques while having a good time with their kids. 

Teachers, why inflict hours of tiresome drill on your students when you can use Match 10 to teach thinking skills as well as reinforce math facts and money concepts?

Math Skills Taught:

  1. Number concepts
  2. Number values for instant recognition
  3. Counting by tens
  4. Multiples of 10
  5. Place value through 50
  6. Addition and subtraction of values through 50
  7. Recognition of coins and their values: penny, nickel, dime, quarter
  8. Calculating coin values through a dollar
  9. Counting change

Thinking Skills Developed:

  1. Visualization for abstract thinking
  2. Understanding whole - part relationships
  3. Planning
  4. Strategizing
  5. Decision making

Parents, why fight with your children to practice math when you can have them asking to play Match 10 with you?

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Want to see more?

Here's a 6-year-old with ADD being introduced to Match 10 and taught to play.


Here's a 9-year-old with ADHD who's played the game before.

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