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We have had remarkable success helping students with special needs: ADD/ADHD, NI, PDD, Communication Handicap, Asperger's Syndrome, and Dyslexia. We are very familiar with the classification process and the preparation of 504 plans. We can also provide advocacy assistance.

Attention Deficit and Hyperactive (ADD and ADHD) children present special challenges in group instruction because these children are stimulated by everything in the environment.  Such students can benefit from a one-on-one environment where the tutor can individually observe behavior and refocus attention and activity on instructional objectives.  Our tutors emphasize student responsibility and teach self-monitoring strategies that eventually result in student independence.

Undiagnosed Learning Disabilities are more common than you might think. Feeling like failures despite apparent high intelligence, many children struggle through school eventually becoming behavior problems. What goes unrecognized in these children is an auditory, language or visual processing problem. These children are often "conceptual", rather than "sequential" learners. The problem goes undiagnosed precisely because these children are so bright that they devise coping mechanisms that allow them to "get by". But the fact that they work so hard for mediocre grades and are usually faulted for not trying hard enough takes it's toll on confidence and self-esteem. Undiagnosed, most of these children either give up and withdraw or begin to act out their frustration. These students show remarkable academic, social, and behavioral change as a result of sensory-cognitive training. For a child like this, private tutoring provides the supportive environment that can change his or her life.

Children with Neurological Impairments (NI) can't always utilize equally all their learning modalities.  Often they have difficulty with coordination or physical tasks such as writing or assembly.  We provide specific auditory and visualization training attuned to these deficits and guide integration of these skills.  Our tutors show students how to accommodate for these difficulties  and help develop coping strategies.

Dyslexic students need multi-sensory instruction with a systematic approach that gradually builds on the mastery of each sequential step.  Multi-sensory instruction provides multiple avenues of learning that ensure that progress is optimized for students with dyslexia. Our instructors employ the Orton-Gillingham method and use a variety of materials including Lindamood-Bell™, Merrill, Wilson, and computer assisted instruction. Our Multi-sensory approach and the varied materials ensure a high level of interest and replace frustration with incremental success.  Our dyslexia tutor suffers from dyslexia herself and can relate completely to kids with this problem.

Children with a Communication Handicap (visual processing or auditory processing difficulties) need to learn to give themselves time to process language, but they also need specific training that will facilitate memory, conceptualization, and auditory processing.  We utilize computer assisted instruction, Earobics, FastForWord, and a Lindamood-Bell™ visual imagery program to attack these difficulties.  We utilize reflective listening techniques to help the child compare his answers to his information, thereby enhancing self-correction.  

What if your child needs enrichment? We can benefit the gifted student, the student who needs remediation, or the student who is just not working up to his or her potential. One-on-one attention makes a remarkable difference for such students, whether they need to catch up or whether they need to explore beyond the school curriculum.

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