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Summertime Is a Great Time to LearnA Plus Tutoring offers tutoring in the summer.


Focus -- Focus -- Focus

Summer tutoring can focus on the major areas of concern without all of the distractions of the normal school year:  no distracting "class clown" or worries about what the "rest of the kids" think; no 50-pound backpack to lug around.  This is a time free of homework so the student can concentrate on understanding his/her own learning style and learning the  strategies and coping skills that will make the school experience successful.


Make up for a difficult year

When a class has presented a special challenge to the student but not enough to cause failure, the next year may be insurmountably challenging. Summertime is a great time to bolster the learning from that difficult course. Summer tutoring can strengthen concepts and skills so that the student has a solid foundation to approach the following course in the fall with confidence.


Avoid Summertime Losses

It's well known that the younger child loses significant learning during periods of vacation.  Regardless of the grade, it's hard to focus on new material in September when you're worrying about what you've forgotten over the summer.  Summer tutoring can insure that your child is able to focus on new learning because there is a solid foundation upon which to build.  


Get a Head Start on the Next Year

Moving into a new subject area is often difficult. But a good preview of the subject material provides just the right focus to start the new year with confidence and eager anticipation. A summer preview is not just helpful for middle school and high school academic subjects, though! Students in all grades can work on study skills and organizational issues that will help them in the coming year.  

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