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A+ Home TutoringTutors in NJ, specializing in multi-sensory instruction for children with learning disabilities

A Plus Tutoring offers general academic support and special needs tutoring for NJ students.

The Joy of Learning


We're sorry to announce that we're no longer accepting new students. We wish you all the best in finding the perfect tutor for your child.

In the meantime, though, you may be interested in our new educational math game that's gotten rave reviews from our students. Match 10.

Are you looking for a tutor in NJ? Is your child bright but still having trouble comprehending or remembering what she reads? Does he have trouble remembering or following directions? Does she work hard but still perform poorly on tests? A+ Home Tutoring can help.

Do you think your child has special needs but don't know what to do about it?   A Plus Home Tutoring can help.

Is your child classified or working with a 504 plan but still not making the progress you think he should?   A+ Home Tutoring can help.

Perhaps your child has an undiagnosed language processing, auditory processing, visual imagery processing, or integration problem.   A Plus Home Tutoring can help.

If you're looking for a tutor in NJ, A+ Home Tutoring can help.

bulletHere are some of the issues we successfully deal with:
Organizational skills . . . Social skills . . . ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) . . . ADHD (hyperactive behavior) . . . PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) . . . Asperger's . . . Neurological Impairment . . . Communication Handicaps . . . Auditory Processing problems . . . Visual Processing problems
bulletHere are some of the tools and methodologies we employ:
CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) . . . Multi-Sensory Instruction . . . Lindamood-Bell techniques and materials . . . Orton-Gillingham methodology . . . Merrill and Wilson materials . . .Earobics . . . FastForWord . . . Sensory-Cognitive Feedback Training
bulletHere are some of the services we provide:
Reading Tutoring . . . Math Tutoring . . . Social Studies Tutoring . . . Academic support . . . Motivational Support . . . Social skills training . . . Behavioral counseling . . . Child Advocacy . . . Consulting on IEPs (Individual Education Prescriptions) . . . Consulting on 504 Plans . . . 



The goal at A+ Home Tutoring is

to provide for the greatest possible level of success for your child.  We can enrich the gifted student as well as help the student with special needs.   Whether difficulties are academics, social, organization, motivation, or learning style, we can help your child. More about our goals



More than just subject matter . . .

We have extensive experience. In fact, the NJ tutors at A+ Home Tutoring are either currently employed or retired as NJ public school teachers or are working professionals in the fields of science, math or technology. More about us  

But what if your child needs more than subject matter? We have experience with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactive students), NI (neurological impairment), dyslexia, visual processing difficulties, auditory processing issues, and PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder).

We are familiar with the classification process and the preparation of 504 plans.  We can help prepare IEPs or 504 plans and can advocate on your child's behalf.  We can even help parents.   Want to know more? More about special needs


Fun? Did you say "fun"?

Would you like to see your child look forward to tutoring sessions?  Most of our students ask to continue lessons during the summer break. 


Summertime tutoring in NJ?

There are some special advantages to tutoring during the summertime. What are they? 


Why A Plus Tutoring in New Jersey?

We service New Jersey students at our East Hanover location from a wide area in north NJ. Understanding, time, and a network of professional associations make the difference at A+ Tutoring.  We are one of the few centers using Orton-Gillingham based methods such as Project Read and Wilson. We utilize sensory-cognitive training programs such as Lindamood-Bell™ and FastForWord. We have the experience to synthesize the best of all these approaches to create a plan suited for your child's needs. More about why we are right for your child

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Lindamood-Bell is a trademark of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes ("LBLP"). LBLP in no way guarantees the quality of the materials or services that may be supplied by A+ Tutoring. A+ Tutoring is not affiliated with, certified, licensed, monitored or sponsored by LBLP, Nanci Bell, Phyllis Lindamood or Pat Lindamood.

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